Litlists Initial Mission

Litlists logo 512The Eastlit creative writing team intend to create a new website that lists journals offering publication opportunities for writers. However, based on experience we intend to make this a site friendly for writers, poets and artists looking to find the journals etc where they will have the highest chance of publication. This will be done by carefully creating and categorizing from the start.
Our experience is that many sites (with a few exceptions) leave writers to look through long lists of names with little information. Considering we have built up in Asia, we will use our connections to make sure that this does not become a US/European-centric operation. This will also offer other journals the opportunity to get a wider audience in the rapidly emerging Asian literary scene.
We will make a special attempt to make sure that Africa does not get overlooked too.
We also aim to keep the data up to date, so that it includes only active sites. Other services will also be included. The overall goal is to create something that adds to what is currently out there to assist writers and others.
This will not be something that we launch overnight, so at this stage I would like to know if any of you are interested in being kept up to date as:
  • writers
  • journal publishers/editors – if non-English language please specify.
  • other: (please specify)
If you chose to be kept up to date, contact LitLists we will include you in mail updates.
If you have any questions, please ask!
This is not an Eastlit or Asia only initiative but a global one.